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Getting Endorsements for Your Skills


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This is something I just realized recently. Although I knew about the ability to list skills on your profile and I knew about the fact that buyers have the opportunity to rate, comment and endorse you after completing a sale - I somehow did not put these things together!
My mind was triggered when I completed a purchase with a seller and there were no skills to endorse even though he was very good at what he did. I tried to find out why and realized that he did not list any of his skills - if you don’t endorse yourself for your skills, nobody else can!

So, to put it simply:

  1. You list ALL your skills on your profile.
  2. You complete an order with a buyer.
  3. The buyer has the choice to endorse you for any of the skills you listed on your profile.

Whether this means anything in the search rankings or anything else is unclear but if it doesn’t yet, then it probably will at some point.
With this in mind I would suggest you choose your skills carefully and consider ways to ensure your buyers endorse you.

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Yes, so good luck to people listing false skill sets. 👍

Fine. I took “professional at: yarn” off my list. Happy now???

Edit: By the way, can I re-add it as beginner if I use items made of yarn? What distinguishes one as a yarn beginner, intermediate, or pro? I had a sheep once and I did shear it, but it was a terrible job and I was unsuccessful at creating yarn.

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