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Good Question!

The best things is to ask customer about his ideas at the beginning of the order. Communicate with him and it will help you to understand his requirement for greater extent.

***Ask him

  1. Type of his Business (Some industries have specific colors. As an example we use “Red” color to show feelings of power, energy, passion, love, aggression, or danger)
  2. Ask him whether he has any color preferences / Font
  3. Some people will ask you to re-design their logo. In that case you have to see their old logo as well. So you can ask why he doesn’t like that one and you can design new one avoiding his dislikes.
  4. Some buyers may have a sample design that he likes. So ask him whether he has a sample design that he like.

If client doesn’t have any preferences you have to select suitable colors and suitable fonts for the logo. When selecting colors please make sure to apply colors matching to his Business/Profession.

Hope this link will help: https://www.fastcompany.com/3028378/leadership-now/what-your-logos-color-says-about-your-company-infographic

Please feel free to let us know if there’s anything as we are here to help you all. 🙂

Good Luck! 👍

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