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Graphic Designer and Microsoft Excel


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Artistic Ability: A great graphic designer must be talented and have a variety of artistic skills and ability.

Client Oriented: A great graphic designer is able to work easily with clients to ensure that designs meet specifications.

Communication: A great graphic designer is able to effectively communicate with clients and other members of the design team to ensure they are on track with deadlines and other goals.

Creativity: A great graphic designer is very creative and can come up with new and exciting ideas for designs.

Knows Audience: A great graphic designer understands that different audiences respond to different images and can integrate this understanding into their designs.

Manages Priorities: A great graphic designer is able to work within boundaries of deadlines and changing priorities and can effectively manage a workload to meet deadlines and satisfy clients.

Open to Change: A great graphic designer hears all criticism with an open mind and is willing to change designs based on the needs or wants of a client or opinions of members of the design team.

Strategy: A great graphic designer understands how strategy plays a part in marketing and advertising, and is able to develop strategic ideas and work within the scope of a client's strategic plan to execute top notch designs.

Teamwork: A great graphic designer works well as part of a team and recognizes that all team members must work well together and communicate openly to get a project completed.

Technology: A great graphic designer is well-versed in a plethora of desktop publishing software and is able to quickly learn new programs and incorporate them into his or her work.

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