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4th of July Holiday


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Hello Sellers! Just want to give everyone a heads up, next week is a huge holiday in the United States, Independence day is the 4th of July and it’s summer time. If your sales are a little slow next week it’s because there will be a lot of people on vacation.

Oh. And I made Top Rated Seller this morning! SQUEEEEE!!!

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Happy upcoming independence day neighbours!

PS: We Canucks on the other hand, are celebrating our 146th birthday on July 1st.

It’s the Canada Day long week-end, right now, up here in the great white north. Plus, the weather is holding out, and most of us left the igloo to go camping, I know, how exciting is that!?! Your orders won’t slow down though as there are only about 34.5 million of us up here and during the last census we found out that there are more Canadians than ever online at just under 26 of us!?!

@kiffinyjean: Any insight on which milestone you had to reach to obtain this level?

Thanks for posting,



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