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Leaving Tips $$ on the same original charge. Why charge twice?


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Let me start by saying I love Fiverr. The services I have received to assist the company I work for have been well accepted.
Since I need the approval to use the credit card, I wish there was a way to leave the seller a tip $$$ without having to add my credit card information again for the same charge. For example, when you leave a tip at a restaurant, you add the tip to the total charge; it is never a separate charge just for tips.

Why is it that you guys request credit card information twice if we decide to give a tip? I can’t go back to my boss and say “Hey, can I have the credit card just to leave a tip?”

I think the tip should be included with the same service charge. Honestly, that is the only reason why I have not been able to leave a tip. And to make matters worse, the tip question comes after you’ve written a review for the seller. So if you decide not give your credit card information again for a tip and try to go back, everything you’ve written on the review is gone.

I believe this process needs to be revisited by your executive and developing teams.

Just a thought from a loyal customer wishing to leave tips without the extra, unnecessary hassle


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On the other hand, people would definitely start gaming the system if tip amounts were in fact commission-free.

So people would start charging their clients $5 and then request $100 tips!

I think it’s more important for Fiverr to roll out reduced commission tiers for higher orders.

It’s unfair for someone who can upsell $500 and $1000 orders to pay the same comission as someone who can only sell $5-$15 orders.

Bigger players need bigger incentive.

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