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Bank Transfer or Paypal


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Go for the Bank Transfer(Payoneer). It doesn’t charges any service fees and you will get the entire amount in your bank account without any deductions. The conversion rate is excellent and you will get 66-67 INR per USD

If you choose PayPal, it would take away 5-8% of the transfer on name of various fees. (In India; don’t know about other countries)

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I’m also from india and have the exact same question.
I’ve used PayPal various times.
It charges = minus 2% Fiverr to PayPal then minus 2.9% + 0.30 usd PayPal to bank.
But direct bank transfer charges 3.15 USD.

This time I’ll use bank transfer because I think when you want to withdraw less money you should use PayPal and for big withdraws $100+ use direct transfer.

I think u should first calculate the charges.


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