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4 Easy steps to add a NICE header to your Fiverr Forum Profile


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Hello Fiver Family,

I have noticed that not too many members have a header photo on the Fiverr Forum profile.

I would like to show you 4 simple steps to add a header to your Fiverr Forum Profile.

1. Go to your profile and click your thumbnail -

2. Click on the button that looks like a wheel -

3. Click on the upload image button - (Your image should be about 800 X 250) That is what I used

If you uploaded your image successfully your page will now look similar to this:

4. Then click save changes and you are good to go.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Pastor Dre

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Nice tip!

You can also put the same, or a different, pic as ‘user card background’, that’s what the 2nd ‘black box’ on your screenshot is for, that´s the bg then for when anyone clicks your name like you can see, if you click mine here in this post. The size for that ‘card background’, if you don´t want the system to autocrop - the settings tell you it´s 590 px wide, but it doesn´t tell you the height, so I did some googling and it seems the actual size you need if you don´t want it to be autocropped is 580x233 px, and the top half that has no shadow overlay and can be seen clearly is 80 px. 🙂

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