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Any Good Book on Parenting


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@silkroute you are always a great help, Thank you so much for tagging Laynnehuysamen, @lynnehuysamen thank you so much for your kind words and this is the best thing I’ve read… I might contact you in future if I may need you… 🙂

You are more than welcome to, but seriously you will do great. I remember being a new mom and I have to be honest here, it was the most terrifying thing in my life.As time has gone by I can giggle about my fears.

At least you feel comfortable bathing your baby! I was terrified I would do something wrong… and OMG cutting finger nails… the worst ever LOL.

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  1. “Keep Calm and Parent On” - by Emma Jenner

  2. Spark- The Revoltionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain - by Dr. John Ratey (psychiatrist at Harvard). You can also watch his videos on Youtube.

3.Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children(Without Going Nuts With Worry) - by the World’s Worst Mom, Lenore Skenazy who gained fame and disgrace when she let her 9 year old son ride the NY subway alone!

Enjoy! 😃

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I think the most important thing you can do for your son is to spend your time with him. I know it sounds basic and obvious but you would be amazed how many parents don’t do it. As a newborn, this is how he will get to know you, get to trust you and learn to like having you around - that pays off as he gets older.

Having been a youth and children’s worker for years, working with children from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures I can assure you that parental time (from newborn, right up to late teens) is THE most important factor in your child’s development.

I have seen well adjusted, polite, intelligent, successful kids who are brought up by violent criminals.

I have seen angry, depressed kids being brought up by rich and successful millionaires.

I have seen kids from poor backgrounds going both directions.

The common factor with all was how much time did the parents spend with them. The criminals spent time with their kids, the millionaires did not. The kids from poor backgrounds who did well were the ones whose parents spent time with them. All other things relatively equal, the kids from the same poor background who turned to crime etc were those whose parents did not spend time with them.

What is time with them?

As a newborn it can be holding them, talking to them, singing to them etc.

Toddlers can be played with and encouraged to explore the world beside you.

As they get older you can expand what you do but remember that for a kid, even going to work with you is an adventure! If you can, bring them!.

When they get to teen years, it is almost expected that they will not want to spend time with you. There will definitely be some of that. However, if you have consistently spent time with them growing up then they will still enjoy time with you as teens. My nearly 15 yo is still happy to spend time with me!

A tip with teens is to organize unusual things for them + a few friends. Things they couldn’t do on their own. Maybe a trip to a bigger town, a camping trip, going up the mountains, to the sea etc. Things that they could not do, you do it with them. You can even ask what they want to do. Give them space during the time of the activity and then having dropped off the others, take your kid for some food somewhere and talk about the day. A covert operation maybe, but it works EVERY time. Having your teen’s friends think you are cool is also handy - if there is a problem at some point, you will hear about it before other parents.

It is important that the time you spend with them at all ages is “Prime Time”. This means that it is not left to being “whatever time you have left at the end of the day or week”. You should be aiming to spend time with them and fitting other things in around that - not the other way around. I know people who prioritize watching a football match but also say they don’t have time to spend with their kids. Come on!!

It is a matter of choosing your priorities!

very well said and summarized the importance of time we spend with our kids… I really thank you for your valueable golden words… and May your 15 yo keep spending time with you… You should write a book on parenting sir 😃

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