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Why do not Show my gig on search result?


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Hi there!

I’ve had a look at your gigs, and to be honest, I’m really not clear on what you’re offering for each gig. One of your gig images is watermarked with the URL for another Fiverr user whose account no longer exists.

In one of your gigs, you mention ‘after 5 month free support’ - how can that work on Fiverr?
Are you really offering 12 pages of content for your responsive website gig for $5?

I’m just asking these questions because other Fiverr users may have asked themselves that as well.

Maybe spend some time simplifying your gig descriptions before trying to promote them?

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Hello, If you newly posted your gig OR you will made any changes in previous gig, then its take 24 hours for review by moderator team, If your gig meet guidelines then its visible in marketplace.

If after 24 hours issue will be not resolve then you can contact customer support regarding this issue. Thanks

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