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FTC Required Testimonial Disclosures - what Buyers need to know


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Recently, Fiverr added this to every Seller’s gig under the sub-category Spokesperson & Testimonials…"Sellers in this category are actors. The testimonials they provide on your behalf are paid, promotional materials, and you should indicate this to your customers."

This is response to the recent updates to the US Federal Trade Commission Guidelines and the warning that a crack-down is imminent. The warning is that failure to comply may result in prosecution under the FTC’s Fair Trade Act and Truth in Advertising. Marketers (Actors too) will be their targets.


All that they require is a disclosure added to the video letting consumers know this is a paid actor. This is commonplace with advertisers just about everywhere but online. Now, the FTC wants disclosures for online marketing, that’s all.

The disclosure protects both the Consumer AND the Marketer, while demonstrating to the consumer this is a legitimate and ethical company that is choosing an actor to give you the information you seek in a more personal, fast, easy, and entertaining way. A plus for the brand.

Message me if you have questions about how to add a FTC compliant disclosure to your videos.

No lemons folks… just lemonade!

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