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New In fiverr ( i hope all be good)


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Hi i am new in fiverr. i hope soon start have order and earn money because i need it for my life with my child
if some one want help me and have some word and cant do it because he not have time.
I can be Your Virtual Assistant doing my work as best as I can! All gigs give me satisfaction and new experiences. If You want to be my next HAPPY CLIENT, please don’t wait and try me

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Hi @monikaassistant,

Welcome to Fiverr!

As a virtual assistant, and I mean no disrespect, but from what I’ve seen while browsing gigs, you want to make sure your English is top notch and professional. Many people who require virtual assistants specifically state a good knowledge of English, grammar, punctuation, and structure.

Don’t forget to also highlight your specific talents that you can provide, such as Data Entry, Bookkeeping, and other things so that potential buyers know your skill set.

Here’s a list that I like to give to new sellers to help them get the best out of their profile and make themselves more appealing.

Make sure you complete your profile setup 100%. Also, link all of your accounts (Facebook, Stack Overflow, Email, etc) so that potential buyers know you’re not a fly by night seller.

Use proper English in your Fiverr profile. Make sure to notate where you’re from, and make sure your sentence structure is proper. Many potential buyers will not want to work with you if your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is not professional.

When setting up Gigs, offer the three packages instead of just a single, one size fits all. Potential buyers like variety. Also, make use of gig addons that make sense.

Have a logo designer create you a professional avatar. Buyers are looking for professional looking sellers.

Make sure to make use of the FAQ’s. Make sure your gig requirements are well written, thorough, and leave no room for miscommunication or vagueness.

Have a professional video made, such as an explainer video for each gig. Gig’s with high quality videos have a substantially better chance than just posting pictures / stock images.

When filling out the gig description, make positive use of headers, spacing, colors, etc. You do not want to describe your gig in a big, single paragraph. Break it up, use bullet points / headers, and make it look professional.

If you have any work that you can link to your Portfolio, as well as your Education, Certifications, and Skill sets.

Go after Buyer Requests; be polite, communicative, and let your customer service skills win them over.

I hope this helps you along, and again, welcome to Fiverr!


Michael C
Synexic, LLC

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