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Buyer Constant Abuse of the reject delivered item option


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Sometimes i get big orders from awesome individuals and i am grateful for that. Although sometimes i seem to see when someone wants to take advantage of the fiver’s reject order option. So here’s what i did. I ask the buyer not to fully order the gig. I asked him to order the gig in 2 parts for each section that i charge. 2 sections for service1 and if he liked service1 then we can proceed to order service2. - This is on a gig that i have 100% rating on.

For service1 he ordered 1 gig of $35 and other gig of $45. I had spent 5 hours working on service1 so i delivered 1/10 of the order to the gig of $45 because i had already spent 5hours working on his gig. ( Why 1/10 of the order? The order was already late but he was ok with it because he had discussed the estimated time it would take me finish his order completely.) To my surprise he rejected and said that he wouldn’t complete it only if i had fully completed service1. I told him that if i did that how was i to know that you simply wouldn’t reject it and he would walk away with $75 that i worked hard for. He said that i’d just have to trust him. I told him plain and simple that he can take the other $35 gig as insurance that i would complete the job. It took him about a day to reply back until he finally said ok.

Moral of the story is that the [Reject delivery] - option, shouldn’t be given to buyers. He rejected my order about 2 times. What if i had completed the order?

I still have yet to see if he’ll reject the other $35 gig which is now about 3days late from us talking back and forth and will be about 6days late when i fully finish it.

This is due to the fact that him and i had previously discussed the estimated time. However i did run into problems with some information that he gave me that wasn’t correct which extended the estimated time, so thats on his end.

[sOLUTION] - If you have a big buyer, make him order in 2gigs, 1 for your insurance and another for his. This way if he gets smart he doesn’t walk away with everything, you at least get half.


fiverr should put a lock on the money.

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On big orders I have gotten, especially ones with little to no clear direction … I always send a “demo” file for approval first. In my case, because I do voice work, I watermark the file with an annoying tone or with my own voice every 10 seconds or so that clearly says “This is a demo” … I’m not sure what your gig is, but maybe this idea will help you somehow as well.

<3 jodi

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