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My Video Denied


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I recommend contacting Fiverr Customer Support and asking them. They are the only ones that can truly provide the answers that you seek. More often than not, they’ll tell you what caused the video to be denied, and this can help you make any necessary corrections so that the video can be approved for use on your gig(s).

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how to get many buyer request.....

@jahirultitu1986 - way off topic. Make your own thread …

@starfriend0326 - You may have shown some kind of website in your video or web URL in one of your spots of typography… Fiverrs staff will draw a blank sometimes when they are reviewing gig videos and think its your savvy attempt to show off your website URL… At least , that was the case with one of my videos… I was showing how I’m able to put a website behind me in a video and I literally had maybe half a second of my web URL showing during that clip… unintentionally …and leading to one of my non-video websites (fire spinning) … So … it clearly wasnt an ad … but it depends on who is looking at those videos and whether or not they have Coffee AND a donut there in the cubicle… if they are out of donuts… your video may get rejected =)

Regardless , its going to take you a ticket to support before you find out the reason …

They don’t like to simply tell you WHY it’s rejected at the time of rejecting it… They would rather you panic and stress out over it before sending in a ticket. Then they may grace you with the answer.

Its best to just make sure you are not mentioning any contact info in any part of the video whatsoever … include the “only on fiverr part” … Make sure it accurately displays what you will do for your basic gig at least… or your gig’s minimum package… within the video… I think they look for that but it may not be an outright explained rule…

No web urls in the video , or the gig’s “buyer requirements” parts when you make them out.

Leave any dropbox work sample links out of your gig description and buyer requirements when you make the gig.

Those are some things I can think of checking on that may be either vaguely or not explained within the rules of fiverr… but could reject your video/gig

Good luck!

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Thank you my friends for replying me.I redesigned my short video and upload.Now it is active.😀

Dear Star Friend:

I suggest that the next iteration of this video include 2 things:

  1. Sound (especially the phrase “Exclusively on Fiverr” – BONUS: include that phrase onscreen). There are lots of Internet sites that offer free royalty-free music.
  2. Video of you talking directly to the Seller. If you have concerns about language, please listen to the Fiverrcast episode “Working Through Language”.

Are you aware that Twitter allows you to Tweet 45-second-long videos? This could be a way to market your content on Social Media (in addition to Tweeting your gig link via Fiverr). However: Twitter really steps on the video quality.

Good luck,


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I can agree with blaisefaint. The video definitely needs some sound. There are plenty of gigs that can assist you in slapping on some royalty free music and it would most likely be cheaper on you to scout out the music yourself and have them apply it. Or do it yourself via your audio software , its not difficult to do such a thing and would make your gig go a long way. In my opinion , much more can be done , but music would make it 100x better 🙂

I would add a slide or 2 of text in there to explain some things like… what the buyer needs to send you to make it happen and the general cost for the basic gig + packages would be nice. Good luck! Glad to hear you got it up!

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