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Previous account disabled, should i create a new one



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Just make sure your old account is DEACTIVATED.
Before using the same paypal info on it.

If it was cancelled by support , you may want to send a ticket telling them you plan to re-open your account using the same paypal. If you want to skip this step and you didnt necessarily get KICKED off of fiverr… You can avoid that wait by just making a new paypal and using a different paypal ID for your new fiverr account here. But of course you may have several things tied to that one account… so if thats the case , just inform support that you used to have an account that used that same paypal info … and that wish to open a new one using that same info. They will instruct you on the proper procedures.

Its also faster than asking the forum and you’ll get the appropriate response within a 2-5 day period at this rate through support.

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Definitely ask Customer Support to be on the safe side. Also, not only fiverr has ‘only one account per person’ TOS/policies, keep that in mind for other accounts too, to avoid problems. I’m not sure if PayPal has different terms for different countries, but I know for sure that officially you may only have 1 personal (and one business account if applicable) PayPal account in Germany, and I suspect that is a global policy. Account, not e-mails, you can attach several e-mails to your PayPal account, but you may only have one account as far as I’m aware. It is technically possible to create several PayPal accounts of course, but it may lead to trouble down the line.

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