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(gig advice) IMPROVE MY GIGS


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There is a category called ‘Improve my gigs’. You should post this here. This category is if you have a tip that is useful to other sellers. When you post in the other category remember to include links to the gigs you want to improve. It’s also useful if you say why you think they need improving

Check the Fiverr blog for some great articles on finding a mentor to help you.

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Hello everyone!

I have joined Fiverr recently and I’m surprised to see how well this

works! I’ve been able to get some Gigs up but I wish to improve them.

Is anyone willing to give their honest opinion on my Gigs? In particular word choice and images



Hi I have checked your gigs out. They look good. Now you have to send ‘Buyer Requests’ and wait. Don’t worry, it takes time and effort.

Hope this helps.


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