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My Fiverr Journey So Far


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We are working on Fiverr for about a year and sharing this story so, someone might be inspired by this and start working on Fiverr.

We are actually two friends working on Fiverr. Wasif Qayyum and Fahad Rehman. We belong to Pakistan and State KPK. Wasif was working as an intern for a Software Company during his graduation and he developed an application for that company and an idea came in his mind that he should also start developing applications and pursue development as a career.

He shared this idea with his friend Fahad and they both started to research about application development and tried making a few applications for learning purpose. Knowing what we could do, we made an account on Fiverr.com.
We did some research on Fiverr on how it works and on professional sellers. After a while, we made the gig for application development. At the start, it was really hard to get orders on the account but we didn’t lose hope and kept on sending buyer requests and after a few days, we got our first order. The client was very happy with our work and he gave us a very good review and that motivated us to do some more hard work.
After that order, we started receiving orders and after a couple of months, there wasn’t a day when we didn’t get a single order. After receiving our first payment, we bought the developers account for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Now, we have completed over 450 orders and these orders have helped us to improve our development skills. Developing an app isn’t that hard for us as it was in start thanks to all the practice that we did due to these orders. A few orders have kept us awake all night but that didn’t stop us from doing our work and the clients are really happy with our work. Some of them have even given us tips for doing exceptional work.
We both have graduated from University and did our studies in Computer Software Engineering. We learned all of the coding and app development by ourselves and we utilized our potential. We still want to continue on Fiverr and hope to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr.Its like our full-time job now and we still want to continue working here. The services by Fiverr for both the sellers and buyers are really good and this even motivates us more to continue working on Fiverr.

We both just want to say to all of you who are new to this field, keep working hard in your field of work and don’t lose hope and eventually you will be at a stage like this or even better. We are self-learners and also give you the advice that try to do everything off your own. Do everything in your natural style and don’t copy what others do, do what you can do.

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