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Hello Folks! This is Mintu here, nice to meet you all


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Hello Fiverr Folks!!

I am Mintu from India. I am pursuing a course in “computer applications” and i have an interest in graphics.

Initially i was reluctant to sell on fiverr as the $5 idea did not click rght to me, i felt it was too low to work for(considering the fee deduction). Still after surfing through the website i was amazed about the amount of creative flexibility it provides you. One can turn any of the hobby in a hot selling idea, provided luck favors. And if your gig seems pleasing to the fiverr admins you might make a decent part of your income working here.

Right now i am happy selling the service i am offering, since i never dreamed i will make money doing something like this. Though this takes lots of time to complete a single job and i have not made much out of it, still i am happy doing this, since this service does not make me feel like i am working.

Hope to have better time ahead. This is my story so far.

Good luck.


Mintu. 🙂

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