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Country of Seller


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I use fiverr extensively and have had wonderful experiences from all around the world. I happily use all countries for technical and editing photoshop and many other jobs…

BUT I need certain gigs done by my own country.

For example I may need a review, which must - absolutely MUST originate genuinely within the country.

Is there an easy way to read all the gigs put up by Australians, or a way to see which country a seller is from in THE LIST VIEW.

A year or two ago it was easy by looking at the little flags in list view.

At the moment I have to include the word Australian in my search but this doesn’t bring up many at all…any ideas here folks???

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I wonder if removing the country flags would be a suitable solution. We are all sellers here, and we should be assessed more on seller skill than current nationality. Clearly, many buyers and sellers are giving too much weight to where a buyer/seller comes from.

Languages are extremely important, but nationality – in this global marketplace – not so much.

Perhaps, instead, sellers could be given an opportunity to list their desired markets – the nations or cultures they may wish to target their services toward, and that could appear on profiles and gigs instead. If a seller wants to target their offered services toward the USA market/buyers, they could do that. If they want to target their services toward Asian markets, they could do that too. This, in turn, would give buyers more insight into the service offerings a seller presents, as well as to help define that seller’s cultural abilities a bit more.

I don’t know if there’s a perfect solution, but this might be a suitable one to consider.

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I think that fiverr might have taken away the option to filter for sellers based on nationality very much on purpose, maybe even so on legal requirements(?).
Of course there are sensible reasons to want or even require a seller of a certain nationality or native language, but I guess an option to easily filter sellers for nationality, gender, whatever other than their seller ‘level’ might be a problem.

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