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So long and thanks for all the fish!


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Ah where to begin? At the beginning I suppose…or rather the end. Next month I would have been on Fiverr for two years. I say “would have” because I have decided to terminate my relationship with Fiverr and the wonderful members and clients that have walked with me on this journey.

Two years ago I was a single father, struggling to make ends meet, with a dream to find purpose in my passions. I had researched and join some other online freelance sites to no avail. As a musician, I knew my talents and creativity could surely be utilized by someone, somewhere, but other sites made it difficult to establish my services and get any business. Then along came Fiverr.

I had talked with a good friend and fellow musician for some time about utilizing our talents to make some extra money and validate our efforts with our music. I told him about Fiverr and he said he would be on board if I could find a way to stir up some interest.

Long story long, I grabbed a video camera and sat down with him to record our first Fiverr promo video. We created the gig page and waited. I wasn’t sure what to expect…Actually, I knew exactly what to expect. As mentioned previously, I had done this many times already on similar sites. I expected nothing at all…

Here is our old gig video (if you can still view the link):


I received an email 3 days later…

It was our first job! As musicians on a Fiverr, it makes sense that our posting was for “jingles”. Short audio clips, no more than 30 seconds, that individuals and businesses could use to help promote their own companies and products. In the next weeks we got an additional 3 or so more gigs. It was working!

We became level 2 sellers by the end of the first month. This enabled us to expand on our offerings to allow additional upgrades and earn more than the standard $5 (less $1 fee) per gig.

We worked for many months, often late into the evening, completing gigs for people and businesses all over the world! It was really a dream come true. While the money certainly wouldn’t be something to write home about and we would face some criticism for offering our services at the particular rates, we knew we were doing something - something great that we could be proud of, build our work portfolio and make a few bucks on the side.

I began a second solo gig doing voiceovers shortly after. I would get home after a long day of work and fire up the studio and jump on the mic to voice a number of scripts for all sorts of different jobs. Corporate presentations, online educational classes, video game soundtracks and short film scripts.

I always retained a day job and never “broke out” as new small business owner or made millions of dollars like some like to think these opportunities lead to. I didn’t come here with that impression and, while some experiences may be extraordinary, I believe Fiverr has helped me understand that I can accomplish my objectives and there are people and organizations that can help.

There are certainly some people on here that have thousands of gigs completed in their duration and I commend them. I have completed 413 gigs over nearly two years and I am more than satisfied. My average sale price was $13 and the extra income has helped me keep the phone on and buy groceries for my family when needed most.

The additional income was nice, but the most valuable asset I have gained from my tenure with Fiverr is the experience. I can say that I have worked with people from more than 20 countries and that my voice and music has been heard by many in each and every one of them. I have had my jingles heard on TV commercials, multiple youtube channels, radio stations and have 3 tracks used in a TV pilot that is making the rounds in the film festival markets as we speak.

Fiverr is more than just an online freelance site. It is a community of people. The buyers, the sellers - whether I’m working for an individual or a buyer for a company, each person has contributed to my experience and each one of you has made this venture worthwhile.

For anyone reading this (that has made it this far), all I can say is that understand that Fiverr can give you much more than additional income. It can give you experience, purpose and a better understanding of the world around you. If you’re struggling to make your gigs work, look through the offerings by others. Many creative individuals, from all over the world, are here, trying to make something happen, just like you. Be patient and understanding. You will find your place and your niche and the success you find is not limited to the monetary gains.

Most of all, engage the forums. The people here are the community that makes Fiverr so great. Ask questions, learn, share your own experiences. Through this you will gain much more than you expected and, in doing so, you will provide others with knowledge and help the community stay healthy and grow.

After all this, you might wonder why I am leaving. The only answer I have, is that it is time. I feel that I have accomplished my objectives and gained what I can from Fiverr.

To my clients, I thank you all for the business, the experience and the friendship. Many of them have been with me since day one and, not only purchased gigs, but engaged me as an individual and we offered well wishes and learned about each other along the way.

I know this is an extremely long post, but how else do you sum up a two year relationship in a paragraph? I suppose you sum it up with respect (although I have had other relationships summed up for me in a rather disrespectful phone text…didn’t like her anyway). <-- my attempt at humor 🙂

There may be a future existence where I return gracefully and reengage the community, however that will most likely be many chapters down the road.

So for now, I bid adieu and say so long and thanks for all the fish!!!



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This video from our old “tip” gig sort of sums up our thoughts right now. It’s a short compilation of some of our favorite jingles completed on Fiverr and all we can really say is thank you!


(gig is not active and no new orders are being accepted)

Thank you!

Ron / Kevin


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