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Forum Etiquette - Updated 2017

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This post was originally created when this forum (Discourse) was established. There were more tools than ever to help us moderate one another including newbies, regulars, moderators, TRS, and any other buyer/seller here. After some time the moderators felt it was a good idea to remind the community about some points of etiquette that should be observed to avoid being flagged/warned/suspended for inappropriate behavior. After a broad discussion with the team, this post has been updated in early 2017. If you haven’t read it recently, please do so now.

1.) If you want to post a topic on a controversial issue, remember that this is still the official Fiverr forum, not the local bar. Conversations can be used to start discussions that are not about Fiverr or freelancing. You can also discuss complaints about Fiverr or freelancing. The key is to make the conversation meaningful and reasonable. If it doesn’t pass, it will likely be removed.

2.) Starting a topic just to push buttons (or knowing that it will) is a form of trolling. Please don’t do it.

3.) Responses to others should be reasonably respectful. We understand that there is some teasing and some honesty, but there is no need to call other people names or refer to people as dumb or wrong because they don’t say what you think or don’t agree with you. There is also no reason for excessive mockery when a user makes a legitimate post and the user is not breaking the ToS or any other rules. A little joking is fine if the user can get in on the joke, but excessive mockery by individuals or groups should be flagged as inappropriate and moderation will take place if necessary.

4.) If you see a topic or comment that you feel is inappropriate, you can flag it as inappropriate. It will be reviewed by the moderators. If you flag often for little or no valid reason, you aren’t going to gain forum levels. We want to see valid flags. If it’s “iffy” we can dismiss the flag without impact. Posts may also be temporarily hidden while under review or cleanup. If we agree with your flag, the item flagged will be hidden from view.

5.) There is no need to be afraid to flag a user for a genuine violation. The user cannot tell who submitted the flag. Users who are flagged should not attempt to dissuade others from flagging or intimidate other users regarding the use of appropriate flagging. If you think you are just being honest, fine, but you can take the time to word it without being abusive or you can let someone else reply instead.

If you want to stick around and have fun here, participate as a community member:

Don’t spam, don’t beg for sales, and don’t troll.

Do have fun, be a positive role model, answer questions, be honest in a respectful way, discuss controversies reasonably and help each other.

Don’t bully, don’t intimidate, don’t try to use edits or self-deletes to avoid moderation.

Do remember that if you receive a flag, a warning or any other moderator action, you can learn from it and still be a welcome community member. No need for panic, just adjust!

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Please note that this post has been updated and re-pinned alongside some discussion with a group of users and members of the moderation team. If you haven’t read this lately, please read the updated version and make sure you are also familiar with the forum rules and general community and communication guidelines.

➡️See Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines . For questions or concerns regarding the Fiverr community sites, please contact Customer Support.

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