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Broke Fiverr Record!


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I have been on fiverr for over a year now and I haven’t completed a single gig order! Yes, no kidding!!! I have two active gigs; transcription and logo design, the later is recent though.
I feel I own the record for the longest serving fiverr seller without completing a gig order and if there is a price for that fiverr community better deliver it to me asap LOL.
How do I stop breaking this abysmal record? I might need help…

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Congrats on holding this unique record. 😉

I have checked your gigs. And I would say just need some changes in your Gig.

  1. Change the title to something like design 2 MAGNIFICENT logo in 24 hours (the word like awesome, professional, magnificent should be capital as it will catch buyers attention).

  2. Change your gig images & use something which describe your service more clearly.

  3. Change the pricing of packages as on fiverr there are sellers who provide all this at much lower rate so for the start drop your prices & see if it’s working or not.

  4. Use the full 1200 characters to describe your gig. The gig description should be clearly describing of what you provide.

  5. Change the tags of your gigs.

Please make this changes & see the performance of the gigs under “My Gigs” and compare with present performance & performance after making this changes.

I hope this will help you to get started.

Thank you 🙂

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