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6 tips for NEW SELLERS


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So you just discovered Fiverr and would like to earn some cash right?
When I joined here (4 months ago) I didn’t know anything, where I should start, what to do, I didn’t even know the forum and now… after 4 months I’ve earned almost 300$ without stressing so much, it may not be so much for you but for me it’s more than I’ve expected as I am not a developer, designer or other kind of well paid freelancer.

I will share with you 10 tips for NEW sellers below and let me know which one you like and plan to follow:

You absolutely need to take care of your gigs, make them look great, unique and stylish. Create your own presentation pictures, don’t steal them from the internet, show to potential customers that you care about your business and you’re willing to work in every little steps, update your keywords, write a good description, show people why they should order right now your service and not browsing another gig, add a great video and also don’t forget to create a friendly using requirements steps, not force your customers to browse through 4 pages of requirements, know exactly what you want without being a pain in the ass.

Here is the place I’ve started, I saw that a lots of people are asking for help and I’ve just browsed through all the requests to find someone to work with. When you choose a buyer, be sure to show your best, this is the secret, not tell them something like, Hi, this is my gig, please order it and let’s work! It’s a huge turn off for buyers and you just show them that you’re lazy enough and you just want to quickly take their money. Show that you are the right choice, choose your words carefully and show your interest in working with that person

If you got your first order, be sure to do 1000% on it. This is your door, the final feedback is the key to your Fiverr success. A low rate feedback on your first order it will harm your profile a lot! You just saw the competition here right? You don’t want any feedback if it’s not 5 stars. Of course, you will can’t do 1000% on every orders that you will receive in the future, but be sure to walk in the Fiverr room with the right foot. You should always do your best in every order that you will get because a great feedback will bring you new customers and money, do it for the feedback and the money will come right to you when you don’t even expect.

You should always respect your customers, remember that they give you money, you won’t be successful here if you don’t respect your customers, who wants to work with an a**hole?
You will meet here lots of people, some are nice and kind, some are the opposite, since you’re still building your brand you would not want to upset any customer. You will gain more experience in meeting people and you will can choose in the future who you want to work with but for the moment, you’re new and you need to please everyone, these people will make you rise you up.

If you know you don’t deserve the money for the poor work you did, don’t deliver it! you don’t deserve the money and an awful feedback can pause your sales for weeks, is it worth it? Obviously not! I had an order from someone (I won’t mention him) he asked me to do a few tasks, at firstly it seems very easy but in the fact I was not experienced enough to accomplish his order and I’ve had some problems with college and I should take care of them, so I choosed to refund the money because I knew that I won’t be able to do a perfect job that I’ve promised him from the beginning. I did that and he was so kind and sent me 5$ for what I’ve started to do for him, I begged him to accept the work for free but he didn’t wanted. This can happen to you too! Always do the right thing and you will be respected.

When I say to give them a reward I am not referring to send them stolen stuff from the internet (like a lot of sellers actually do) despite the fact that is illegal you, the buyer, should not accept a stolen reward (books, guides, music albums, fonts etc from the torrents) as a buyer you should report this kind of behaviour directly to Fiverr. When a sellers gives you something and you’re not sure they had the right to do it ask them for a license to prove they have full rights to resell what they’ve sent to you. If they can’t, quickly report them.
You, the seller, should only give rewards that you’ve created by yourself, write guides, design fonts etc so you will have the right to send it for free, don’t steal other people work.

Hope these little tips helped you in any way.
Best regards,

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