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Download all past orders at once!


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I don’t know if Fiverr already offers this option or if anyone already made this suggestion.
If so please correct me.

I have a bunch of orders (around 15) with a lot of converstion with the seller inbetween. I guess I’ll have to spend some 20 minutes in order to search trough all the convo and grab all the files.

It would be really nice if all the files delivered to you would be saved in some personal space and you can select “DOWNLOAD ALL” and grab all the files from all your oders in one zip file.

The zip file could have some sort of folder structure for example:

[seller name]_[date(dd-mm-yyyy)] or anything similar.

As I said: I’m not very savvy when it comes to fiverr so if this suggestion has already been made or if this option even exists please let me know.

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