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Epic idea for Buyer Requests page


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Buyer Requests: How to stop “sellers” requests

As many of you may know, specially experimented sellers or buyers, the Buyer Requests page is full with nonexperimented or unprofesional sellers who honestly ruin this section by promoting their services or their gigs. We all know how hard finding our first buyer can be. However, fiverr’s site, forum and blog are a huge source of content and tips for those brand new sellers. Even on sites such as Youtube or Pinterest, we can find all kind of advices that will help these sellers on the begining of this journey.

This issue has been generating frustration, specially on sellers that go to this page to submit their gigs and to get to work. Knowing this, my suggestion is to add a buttom to REPORT this requests. After reporting a fake request, the seller who has posted the request should recive a links or more information about how to promote gigs in a “organic” way.

How would we decide who can report those seller requests? I personally think, the levels system can help. Something like making sellers able to report a determinated amount of “fake requests” depending on their level, and may be fiverr could support this participation by offering special benefits. Those benefits could be something related to the revenues or accrediting process or more promotion or puntuation or… anything. Just let’s think a bit about it. We can even make the fiverr community stronger. Experimented sellers could postulate themselves (I would) to help brand new sellers. What do you think? What ideas do you have? I wanna know. 🙂

My english is no the best, but I think I have explained myself enough.

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@electropiano Hi, I am a new seller. I feel what you are saying is correct. There should be some kind of control. At least 25% posts on buyers requests section are from sellers promoting their service which is really annoying. Fiverr market integrity team should come forward and solve it.

Hi @flybycom! Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion. Help me sharing this so that our voices be heard!

Happy holidays 😄

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