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Cancellation Effects on GIG


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I am not 100% sure but I would think a mutual cancellation has no negative effect on your profile. I had someone order a gig from me and send a mutual cancellation request almost immediately because he ordered by mistake. I accepted it and it does not appear to have had any negative effect on my gig rankings or my profile.

I think that if it is a mutual cancellation agreed by both the buyer and seller that there is no problem. It is when either the buyer or the seller tries to force a cancellation that there will be an issue.

I am interested to see what the older members say about this. I have only been selling for a month.

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Only a mutual cancellation will not affect your gig.

-If you request for a mutual cancellation and the buyer ignores it until it’s automatically cancelled then it will affect your also.
-Seller/Buyer cancellations will affect your gig negatively too.

ADVICE = ask for help from CS well in time if you find yourself in a situation that you cannot handle.

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