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I need help deleting a bad review


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You can’t delete it yourself. There are two options. You can write to the seller and explain what happened and say that you’d like to modify the review. The seller may not be aware that you cannot, since that feature has only recently changed. You can tell the seller they can go to the Resolution Center and there is an option to ask the buyer to change their review. Once the seller initiates that and you accept, you can change the review. You can also tell the seller about this article if they are uncertain. it has a mention of using the Resolution Center for this:


The other option is to contact Customer Support (support.fiverr.com) and explain it to them and just ask them to delete the review. I don’t know if they will let you add a new one, though I think so, but they should be willing to remove the old one since you have reasonable and good intentions.

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