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How to be a super newbie seller with 10 smooth tips


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  1. Approach and treat your fiverr profile just like an established business.
  2. Be detailed, onpoint and precise in your profile creation.
  3. Put your best talent forward, something that will definitely sell, doesn’t matter if someone is already selling it.
  4. Buyers will browse for the best gig so spend some time on your gig’s quality, video and audio output.
  5. Treat every buyer as if they are your last lol, It will force you to deliver even more.


  6. Your pricing should agree with your quality.
  7. Your quality should agree with your pricing.
  8. Build a timetable and follow it… time management is key.
  9. RESPECT your buyers.

    10)Etiquette and courtesy are brothers use em wisely.


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