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Gig name in the Task list


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Hello Fiverr,

I was wondering if Fiverr can add which gig is related to each order just in the Tasks list (TO DO).

We see the buyer name, the Due time and button to deliver. But It will be great if you can add the name of the gig related to this order.

So instead of “You need to deliver your order” maybe we can use "You need to deliver your order related to : I will do this and this…]

Thank you very much!

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Amer, what matters is the delivery date, not the task. Right now I have 7 jobs due in one day, it’s irrelevant to me whether they are headlines, radios, e-mails, etc. They all have to get done.

You also have to remember that the key to a successful platform is simplicity. Fiverr is like Google, not Yahoo. Fiverr doesn’t want to overwhelm us with a ton of information, that would only slow us down. Believe me, there’s a science to what Fiverr is doing, every tiny thing you see has probably been debated by the Fiverr team, every change represents a major undertaking, which is why Fiverr doesn’t change unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s my opinion.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter:

First: It’s Armer and not Amer. Thank you


Thank you very much for your response. For my gigs it’s very important.

But I share your opinion of: "They all have to get done. "

Just asking here for a small change that will help other people and will not harm ones that don’t need it.

And Thank you very much for the advice 🙂

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Reply to @armer: Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion, I do it all the time. There are some changes I’d like to see as well. It kills me how long I have to wait to get my money, I know I’ll get it eventually, but it’s frustrating when you see you have $650 waiting to clear and you have to wait two weeks.

Other than that, I’m happy with Fiverr.

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