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[ADVICE] Are videos important for programming gigs?


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I know fiverr says that those with videos have significantly higher sales, but does that really apply to every category? I can’t think of anything that I can put in a video that is not already expressed by the pictures and description for my programming gig.

In the category my gig is in, there is only ONE gig with video in the first page of 48 gigs. It clearly says something about the importance of videos.

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Hey there!

In general, videos are a proven way to market services and products. They present a way to engage the audience, captivate interest and set the ‘tone’ of your service which text and images alone dont provide.

However it also depends on the video content and quality. As a reference, I always like to give commercials as an example. Imagine watching TV and two commercials come on. The first is your standard commercial - video, background music and a voice. The second is just text on the screen. Which is going to grab you the more? It’s always the former with the latter essentially just reading text on the screen for up to 60 seconds.

In a nutshell, I’d always recommend adding a video but don’t just put one up for the sake of it. Take the time to put together a concise, professional presentation - potentially even outsource to a video editor on Fiverr. For a non-visual gig like programming, consider putting up portfolio work in a nice image slider presentation with a voiceover on top concisely explaining the service you provide.


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Much to the same tune of what @twistedweb123 says, you have a really unique opportunity to clearly showcase the types of projects that your programing offering can deliver. Over the years, I’ve discovered that offerings within this niche can be challenging to delineate through (only) text, so a video that aides the prospective buyer by clearly defining your abilities/offering is highly recommended!


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