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I just fall in love


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Hi fiverrs,

Today is 20th December 2016, 2.30 pm .

I am so much happy that I coudnt stop myself to post in here . I feeling so grateful to part of this family .
This is something that I was just waiting . I really Love this design and everything’s. Its super easy to use.

So friendly . I am so happy . I think I just fall in love with this beautiful look. 😍

What do you think ? 👓


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To fall in love with the look of a forum?

Forum looks good (or will, once I get used to it), but I’m not falling in love with it anytime soon. 😸 (A cat smiley? Sweet!)

You might fall in love more than you think when you find some of the ways to ignore certain post types! That seems to be a favorite feature so far. If not, cat emojis are well worth the new forum IMO!


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