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Join the Fiverr NY HQ Party Here in the Unofficial Post. I Have Awards


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Well, they’re not very good awards, but you don’t have to give your work away for free to persons unknown in the name of “exposure”. Instead, you can relax at home with your favorite drink and join what I have called the inaugural Fiverr Parrty Puperr Awarrds 2016, where winners and losers alike get a Golden Pupe. Except for a special category, which I will unveil further down.

As the word Poo-p isn’t allowed, I have made up a spelling by changing some letters–just like Fiverr!

The award is attached. Unless, of course, the attachment is broken, just like the forum. Some of you may recognize it from a controversy earlier this year, or the year before.

Yes, it has had a slight makeover, thank you for asking about my average Photoshop skills. The Golden Pupe is an award that makes no discrimination between “Worst Spammer” and “Most Entertaining Poster”, as it is essentially full of… anyway.

If you would like to know what’s going on at the NY party, I couldn’t possibly tell you. It hasn’t started yet. But you can read all about it here (if the link even works):

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Fiverr Forum

Fiverr Forum

So, I don’t have any categories on offer right now. As this is a community event, maybe someone else has some quality award ideas and nominees to add to mine:

Worst Spammer
Angriest, Most Amusing Beakdown
Flounce Queen 2016
(“I’m never coming back to this awful forum!”)
Best poster and All-Round Top Pupe
Dullard of the Year
Most Helpful Poster
Top Meksell Fail

Now the awards are kind of boring really, so instead, let’s also make a list of all the bugs and issues on Fiverr at the moment and create a nice big, easy and accessible list that we would prefer over e.g. a NYC event that you’re only going to feature in with free work. Don’t forget, this forum is broken, yet your 20% gets spent on things like parties and merch rather than listening to the community and making solid changes that make the platform better.

So have at it. Also, if anyone moans about this post being too long a) you’re an idiot b) you get a mini Pupe which hasn’t been gold-plated. I have a limited budget, but I want to recognize your mealy-mouthed contribution as a real party poo-per.

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I have a winner for this category but unfortunately cannot use his name.

Top Meksell Fail

Some guy started spamming the forum with plagarized content passing it off as his own. He was called out on it and eventually the content was removed by @fonthaunt I think, but that was not the end of it, this was just the start. Next thing I know this clown was inboxing me and usually I tell them to go forth and multiply and hit the report button. This guy started coming out with some strange stuff though. First of all he said he was told that if you post on the forum you ‘mek more sales’ apparently someone was telling people this in another forum and these mek sales were lapping it up and that’s why the forum was getting filled with copied content at one point. I told him it was rubbish and to go back and tell yoda that. This is where it becomes surreal. He starts asking me if I know any good writers. Stupidly I asked him what for and I still cannot believe the reply. He said to write content for the forum… He wanted to hire a writer to write forum posts for him. Write. forum.posts. On a scale of 1 to stupid this was stupid squared. I don’t think that is ever going to be surpassed and he deserves a meksell fail award with a bonus bronze plaque from writer90210

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