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Looking for someone to make me a flag


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Hey Fiverr!

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so since I am a relatively new user, I thought it wise to put it here.

I am looking for someone to make me a flag. Not with fabrics and materials, but a design. This flag is so tricky because I want detailed, original artwork on it.

The flag that I envision has two halves (vertical), the left dark blue and the right a golden yellow (I was thinking something along the lines of #FFFFBC4C). In the blue half is a detailed goat (either coloured or the same gold as the other half), standing upright, which would seem to be in the same kind of style of artwork that you would find on a coat of arms (lots of lines and details).

A sword may be in the other half, but I am not sure yet.

If this request seems like the kind of thing you may be able to fulfill, then please message me!

Thanks so much!

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