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I want to do the same site eBay


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how are you
I want to do the same site eBay
Is it the auction property?
Does it Pay-mail from PayPal and Baeza system?
Are you doing all the countries of the world, ?
What is the currency in this script?
It is declared to choose his state and his city, and currency they want can?

(I want to do the same site eBay)
I hope to answer these questions before you purchase the service in order to understand?
To clarify before buying: I want to create, such as eBay site, ?
Can you do it ?
What time of the end of work?
How much the price ?
Do you have the script belongs to me after the purchase?
Can anyone advertising on the site?
Can anyone Auction announcement?
Can I control commission website at auction?
Can I transfer the auction value to the advertiser through Albaipal?
Do you write the name of the rights of the site location for the site owner?
Do you script the same features that the site ebay?
Did the script has a bidding system (Auction)?
Is there an electronic payment system PayPal and Baeza?
Are Are there after purchase technical support?
Does the site and protect the firewall?
Can you send a link service to push it?
I have a domain and hosting and logo?

Thank you for answering questions

Thank you
good bye

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Go read the eBay FAQ or post 20 questions on their forum.

Or pay someone here $5 to create an eBay clone. Be sure to ride them hard and ask for multiple revisions and be a general PITA.

Alternatively–and this is the best option–do some research yourself, lazy.

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