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Editorial focus, help with my gig


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Fiverr sent me a message saying that my gig wont show in the listing because : we are not currently able to restore these Gigs to our Search Results, as the service offered in the Gigs are not currently within our editorial focus.

This is my gig :


hkprofit : I will post a shoutout to my 136k followers food account for $10 on...

For only $10, hkprofit will post a shoutout to my 136k followers food account. | You can provide a photo or we will use ours. You will provide the caption and tags for the post.We can't guarantee any number of | On Fiverr.com

I can see many similar gigs with lower quality IG accounts in the search results of Fiverr, how come their gigs are in editorial focus but not mine ?

Best regards,

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Although you may see others right now, Fiverr is gradually filtering out certain gig areas. Gigs that violate 3rd party terms of service are at the top of their list, so that often includes almost any kind of paid likes/followers/friends/etc. (Not always, but this is general for you.)

Even if a gig is not a direct violation of the terms of another website, gigs that even get close to that area are also being filtered out over time. So, even a mention of many social media sites could put a gig in the spotlight. Eventually many of those gig types will be removed from search and at some point later, they will be entirely removed from Fiverr. These can include gigs referring to Amazon, Adsense or other Google products, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What causes one gig to get removed before another isn’t something they share directly. In many cases it is because a another site like Amazon contacts Fiverr about a specific set of gigs and asks for their removal. In other cases a buyer makes a complain after purchasing a gig and being caught by another site buying services like these. Sometimes it is just because an editor happened to see a gig and notices that it doesn’t fit their focus, so it gets pulled and marked for possible future removal.

This is all to be considered as an overall idea of how editorial focus works and is not specific to you. This could all apply to anyone who has gigs related to 3rd party sites, gigs that provide services that are questionable, or gigs that may use copyrighted content like google images or software templates. It is wise to consider created gigs that have a better future on Fiverr, such as standard business or personal services.

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That’s why my comment is intentionally general. Fiverr has no written editorial focus guidelines/rules. Everything I’ve learned about it is from cobbled together user posts, users posting CS ticket screenshots, and my own gigs that had to be corrected for wording. (i.e. I had a Kindle critique gig that offered a read through with feedback. Fiverr had me use critique throughout, never feedback, and I had to use Kindle or e-book but never Amazon.)

With my own gig I started getting orders that I didn’t like. People were sending me 5 links to 5 Kindle books for read/critique. I would realize they were badly spun copies of the same book. I pulled the gig because the buyers were violating Amazon Terms and I saw trickle down dripping on my gig.

Anyway, I think seasoned sellers can work around “editorial focus” or just move on if a gig is pulled. Newer sellers, not so much.

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My longer comment on this is there because Fiverr seems to be trying to pull some gig types systematically. That means some gigs that are fine can get caught in the ruckus. If they have a filter set up to mark gigs with words “likes, followers, friends” as a problem and your gig actually says that you don’t guarantee those things, you are doing fine with the real rules but a flag system could get you. Do you see what I mean?

I would try to use different wording like some other people have said. Don’t use any more trigger words than necessary. Say that you cannot guarantee social media response for example.

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