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Hey fiverr, yet another business dude


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So I finally decided to check this site out after hearing about it for the past many months…

Anyway, I offer high level business consulting, editing, and research services. I have:

  • over 10 years professional experience,
  • a BS in Finance,
  • an MBA,
  • multiple professional certifications,
  • and am currently employed as an adjunct professor of business and economics at a local college(specifically Business Communications, Intro to Business, Microecon and Macroecon).
  • I’m beginning a doctorate in business administration next month, so I will only be able to do some smaller projects on the side, but I look forward to finding out more about the Fiverr community!

Please check out my page here for more info. Initial consultation is (of course) just $5, then we can decide if I am a good fit for your project.

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Well, that’s just it, I don’t know.

For some reason this site says that I have been on here since some time in 2014, but I have never actually used it. I am very curious about this ‘gig economy’ from a professional standpoint, but I am not certain about exactly where I personally would fit into it. I suppose most people come on here and say things like ‘I’m the best ever in this, this and this’, but that simply isn’t the case 99.999% of the time. So I dispensed with the BS in this post. I am learning about Fiverr.

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Don’t fall for a bunch of marketing bullshit about the gig economy. Network. I’m not in a position to, but you may be.

Fiverr sees you as a cash cow. The end. BTW the site will be closing up shop for maintenance soonish, and what that entails I have no idea. But my advice is bang on. This place sucks. I have a shiny badge to prove it and nobody will buy from you unless it’s $5 at your stage. Hell, I have an apparently blind person now bitching about my base gig offering to go with my messiah.

Your choice dude. You’ll have better luck joining one of those third party nomad programs or hacking your local biz network/jetting to Thailand and netowrking those guys.

All that’s here’s is lowballers, idiots, people like me (refined idiots), lost causes and scraping resellers. You can do better. You haven’t dispensed of any bs. You’re just wasting your time. Oh, and check the forums. If something goes wrong, you get to eat the shit. All of it. Like a gourmet dinner. I’m just the person who points it out.

I hope you like bs, because most the time, that’s gonna be your diet.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the upfront analysis of the situation.

Like I said, I’m not really intending to make a ton of money here or anything like that. More like sating professional curiosity. If anything comes of it, cool. If not, also cool.

Semi personal question: has Greece actually removed itself from the EU yet? I have been banging on about the Brexit in class for 2 quarters now. Fascinating, if terrible, situation economically.

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No, Greece had a referendum to leave the euro, not the EU. The Greeks voted to leave the Euro, then the government did a volte face and stayed in the EU, which is currently trampling all over everything in the name of austerity–or ‘lining the pockets of the bankers who caused this in the first place’ as it really is. Greece, of course, fiddled the books with the help of the banks who are squeezing it dry right now to join the euro. The poor are paying the price and eating out of bins and the like as the rich people (the ones who benefited from the artificial price inflation that came with the EU, the unwarranted credit) simply shifted their money to other nations. Suicide rates have gone up, of course, and I’ve seen some of the riots myself.

My favorite riots are the ones where the farmers do it, because they usually have a BBQ and paint pigs the colors of political parties and let them run around. I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious implications. Of course there’s a trough, somewhere.

Brexit will not happen, as David Cameron–another pig lover–was a buffoon who wanted to make political history. Now he’s pigging it up on the speaker circuit. May won’t let it happen as this third-rate Maggie can’t let it happen. Anyway, just like the Greek referendum, we shall see that it was merely a “suggestive vote” that was whipped up into more than the sum of its parts.

Indeed, a criminal was stopped by the police in Athens yesterday (he shot a woman in the bakery for the… ooh, meager takings in the register). He shot at them, then ran off and shot himself because he didn’t want to go back to jail. Fair enough really, Greek jails aren’t very nice.

I’ve seen the English-speaking media reports screaming about those immigrants. Speaking of the EU, you do know that the glorious EU told the Greek government last year to keep the migrants away at all costs–“throw them back into the sea”. You realize that dead little boyo n the Turkish coast’s body had been manipulated? You realize that the EU has forced Greece to erect what I can only call concentration camp equivalents to hold all these people together? In part, this is because there is no money (see: EU) and the EU is refusing to provide funds for a (EU) crisis.

It’s not a fascinating situation at all. It has been engineered from the very beginning. Greece cannot leave the EU. It may want to, but it is being bullied into submission. Just as Brexit is, slowly but surely. The peasants had their pointless revolt, now it’s time to get back to the status quo. If anyone thought that Brexit would be better, I need only point out how life in the UK has declined significantly of late. That’s not a two-party issue, that’s a systematic deconstruction issue from all three parties, which even that nice man (or buffoon) Mr Clegg was a part of.

Italy is probably going to try and leave next, as one of its major banks (Pascha Dei–sp) needs a bailout, and the PM has already resigned. Rumblings in France, NL Portugal and Spain don’t look too good either. Let’s gloss over the fact that now-EU President Juncker is the ex-President of Luxembourg, has the shadows of that tax controversy in his native country hanging over him, and his colleagues are just as bent and corrupt.

Across the pond, George Bush Sr. got it right the first time when he said “if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts”.

Luckily for most politicians of every county or corrupt supranational institution in thrall to the call of filthy lucre, most people are too self-absorbed to bother with discovering what’s going on.

Like Fiverr, I view most of the modern world with a very jaded eye. It’s a little intriguing that we now have a staff member on site asking questions–but my question is really, is this going anywhere and will our suggestions be listened to? Because they certainly aren’t anywhere else. We are but plebeians at the end of the day.

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Guest silkroute

Welcome to Fiverr.

Your success on Fiverr will depend on your ability to break down your expertise into small chunks to fit the template of the micro-gig economy which happens to be the USP of Fiverr. There are many experts on Fiverr, all of the successful ones have one thing in common, they were able to mold their offerings into small bits.

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