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Dealing with Messiahs Gone Awry


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Sadly, my weekend off Fiverr has been broken by a new-age faux messiah who has uncovered a secret that will transform humanity because of his discovery (read: he wrote a book about other people’s discoveries but he made it idiot-friendly) and even usher in a new era called CS (Common Sense).

Not making any of this up, by the way. He picked me because his common sense resonated towards me, or something. Yes, his definition of CS is different to yours and mine, while also acting as a faintly amusing play on words, from which I’m sure the resident forum psychics will be able to piece together what kind of messiah this is, and what his radical discovery is.

Anyway, how do you deal with these kind of people? I find them amusing. If he leaves me anything less than a 5-star review (or nothing), then… oh dear, time for Uncle Imgur to help really flesh out my review.

Oh, and I’ll write to Fiverr tomorrow to see what my options are on his 2nd revision request after I stupidly fulfilled his first project scope (messiahs, eh?) just to get rid of him. Either way, I want to know how you deal with this particular brand of person, who may be feeling my oh, FFS vibe across the almighty ether.

Lord, save me from humanity.

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Is that his book?

Then jeebus save us all.

These holy men are dealt with by conversing with them in their own resonating terms and ideology. Let them know it was the divine’s intention for you to conclude whatever interaction you are having with them. That CS defines, one’s belief should be concrete and in line with the faith.

That the “Force is STRONG” in this one…

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