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Gig shows delivered but not delivered


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So I ordered a video gig, sent the script. due in two days. It was due at 8am today, it’s 3:48pm as I type this.

I get a message that the order is delivered.

I go to see the video, no video but I see a message saying:

Your video will be done today 🙂

Which the message was delivered at just before 8am today.

I have no video, yet it shows the gig delivered. “Your video will be done today :)” is NOT a video gig.

On the page it says “This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.”

Seller says that he/she is having computer problems.

I am flexible and if it’s going to be done today. I will wait until midnight.

The reason I tried this new seller is he/she mentioned on the intro video for the gig that he/she is professional, always communicates with buyers/clients and always delivers on time.

All I got was Your video will be done today 🙂 and a once sentence with a really cure smiley does not count as gig delivery.

Is there a way to mutually cancel order? From what I understand mutual cancellation can be done only if no delivery.

If seller was having computer problems, I should of being contacted.

What do I do if at midnight, no delivery? I don’t want this to be marked as completed, I want my money back if no delivery.

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I wouldn’t wait until midnight, personally. It’s not really ethical to mark the order complete without a delivery unless you and the buyer discussed it. There is no longer a valid reason to do so, either, since sellers can request a time extension if they need one. The only reason anyone ever needed to make arrangements to mark an undelivered order complete was if they needed more time.

What you can do is click on the request modification button to ask for a revision. Make it clear that you expect to have a video matching the gig description sent to you ASAP. If the seller cannot deliver, they can offer you a cancellation. If they don’t offer you anything, you can click on the resolution center and request the cancellation yourself.

If all else fails, you can Contact Customer Support, explain what the seller has said and done and what conversations were had. Then the chips will fall. I am all for giving a seller extra time when possible and being a kind and consider buyer. I’ve bought dozens of gigs with flexible practices. This is business, though, and should be treated that way.

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New sellers really hate poor ratings too, so if he was legitimate, he should have delivered or cancelled. I think you’ve found a scammer.

Edit: I realized that sounded really rough. He still could have been legitimate but actually had problems with his computer. In that case, he could request an extension. (I think?)

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Request modification, and do it before the 3 days expire. That way the order will remain open. If the seller is 48 hours late and the order is still open, you will be able to cancel it and cancel the order.

Just in case, make a screenshot of the order page, especially the part where the seller delivered nothing, so you can show it to Customer Support if you need to. Empty deliveries are forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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RE : If seller was having computer problems, I should of being contacted.

I think the same problem which was an impediment in completing the work might have caused them to be unable to reply.

Regardless, the seller’s computer is not your problem. You have several options including mutual cancellation, rejecting the delivery, or waiting for the delivery and then judging it on the quality of what has been delivered.

It’s really bad practice for sellers to mark gigs as done only to buy more time.

If I were in your place, I would wait for the final delivery. If it is good quality work, take it, give a 5 star rating with no feedback or a cordial remark, like “Delivered as promised but late”. If it is bad quality work, then leave a negative review. This is why the negative review option exists in the first place.

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