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Remember this tariff when setting your price


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I need to digress before I get to the point of my post. Also, the word a*****e is used excessively in this post - be warned.

Many sellers ask, why can’t we see buyers’ rating, then we will know who we are dealing with and if to do business with them. Well, is that done anywhere else in life? Does Amazon do that for example?

How about if you bought from McDonalds today and tomorrow you go to Burger King? Do they know that? Does Burger King do a pee test before you order? Do they know if you were a good McDonalds customer or perhaps an a*****e and that is why you are now coming to them? No they don’t, you have to prove it.
But what do these big corporations do so that when the assholes show up, who either don’t want to pay or waste their employees time - they include an a*****e tariff in their price.
So you the good guy, pay more for your food or product or service because that 1% of troublemakers caused the company to increase their prices.

(Now I return to the topic at hand.)
So you dear Seller, adjust your prices accordingly. Include an a*****e tariff - we know they are out there. It may not cover all of your loss but it is then not such a hard blow.

Consider this as you plan for Fiver 2017.

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I’d point out that while companies often don’t interact with each other regarding problematic buyers, the restaurant service knows this very well.

There are customers who are notoriously bad patrons or poor tippers (tipping being a US custom that is stupid, I’m well aware, but that’s a different thread) and servers/hosts warn each other. Buyers who frequently cause problems (the “let me speak to a manager” types) are treated differently or avoided for this reason. The review comes from fellow servers. If you can’t treat Mary with respect and call her an idiot for not refilling your diet coke the moment you slurp down the last drop and then refuse to tip her, why should I bother working my ass off for you if I won’t get paid?

Translate this to Fiverr – MrBadBuyer orders from Seller1, requests excessive work and refuses to pay, then cancels the order and uses Seller1’s work anyway. MrBadBuyer then comes to me and asks me for work. Well, I would treat this buyer much differently if I knew he’d rip me off. I might refuse the order, I might charge him extra (your tariff, but specifically for him because he’s a problem), or I might get everything written in a brief and work that brief to the letter and refuse revisions, etc. The knowledge that MrBadBuyer exploited Seller1 gives me the ability to determine how to react. I think it’s 100% reasonable to have buyer reviews available on a buyers page. Sellers have no reason (nor much of any way) to “exploit” buyers via reviews. Buyers have more power and ability to exploit sellers.

Raising prices to avoid bad buyers is a good tactic, but not if you’re in need of buyers or don’t have a base yet. Most level 0 or level 1 sellers can’t do that and even level 2s may not want to. So your tariff is a luxury, unfortunately.

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Raising prices to potentially scare off the worst kind of buyers has pro’s and con’s. Depends on the services you offer. But to the OP point, if you’re unhappy with a meal you leave a bad review online, thats that. there’s really no way to resolve the issue if the restaurant cant do it.

Fiverr however has plenty of tools to allow a buyer to get exactly what they want. In order;

Provide very clear instructions to the seller in the first place
They can message at any time to ask for changes
They can request modifications
They can also open disputes if theyre still unhappy
then once ALL those options are exhausted, they can still choose to leave fair feedback.

when buyers immediately jump to the last option to leave horrifically bad feedback for no reason, and dont bother explaining why, in detail, they have a problem…its a problem with the buyer, not the seller. If sellers cant see a buyers overall rating (besides power seller), then why are sellers even allowed to rate the buyer? The feature becomes somewhat meaningless.

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