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TOO MUCH power to buyers with every new fiverr update


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I think fiverr giving too much “power” to buyers with this 3x review option…

I make fake graph for explanation, this new system for rating is terrible for sellers,
Example: Few days ago buyer leave me 3 stars on “Service as Described” Because i deliver him 3 logo options and he bought 2 ? RLY 😃 !?

And we have option for overall expiriance where we can rate buyers but WHO CARE 1 star or 5 stars that doesnot mean anything to buyers…


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I understand your given point. However, I like the new system. As an honest person I hate all these fake testimonials, reviews and stuff over the internet. Who can you trust?

Of course, there’s always a problem to define a five-star-scale. I might consider getting two logos differently than this buyer of yours, and you will have another opinion on that. But overall, the amount of stars will be more natural and more honest.

First time I came on Fiverr, I was very skeptical. Every buyer got five-stars. But out of three buyers, the delivered quality was worlds apart. So, I gave the first four, the second two and the last five stars. The first two did complain and I didn’t understand it back in the day. One month later, after i have started selling myself, I experienced this issue. But I always encourage my buyers to rate me as they feel. I don’t believe in a five-star-world. I want to have the good and the bad sides pointed out.

I may have a different opinion than many sellers here or on other online freelancer platforms, but I stay my ground and I can live happily with my family.

You can always explain your side of the deal with your comment on the buyer’s rating. I think it’s a nice feature, since I use it a lot and can present my point of view.

What I’m trying to say: I like the new rating system. Don’t worry about it. If you deliver solid work and a client-centered service, constantly, you will get a rating in the range of ≤5.

P.S.: There will always be scammers who manage to trick the system.

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I recently got 6 POSITIVE feedbacks . BUT the positive Rating still constent .
Really do not how fiverr do that
And fiverr was deleted my HOT gig . And i contacted FIVERR SUPPORT .
Thay said that i’m doing spammy things . And thousends of people are selling the same thing
Thanks any way
I also do not like the way that fiverr working NOW . Too much power for buyers

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