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Your first gig on Fiverr successful?


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Im new and i have just posted my first gig and Im really very confused as im not able to understand how really it works.
my gig:

Please help so that i get the confidence and go ahead as i keep on sitting back for not having any clue to go ahead.


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Our first gig was a 2D Animated Video Gig, which has changed and updated a lot since we opened it first.

Check it out here: https://www.fiverr.com/wordandrecord/create-a-customized-animation-video?funnel=4ae09a6d-8767-4e76-84df-599a37ace000

It is our 2nd best seller, and the one that brings in the most revenue !

Keep up the good work, keep updating and changing your gig’s keywords, title, and description until it is just perfect. The sales will come then 🙂

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