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What are some useful tips for using Fiverr?


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Decide in advance what you’re comfortable with on Fiverr. Will you only work with top rated sellers or are you ok with a new arrival or Level 1? How many reviews do you need to see? What rating works best for you?
Most importantly, you want to decide the kind of work you are willing to get help with on Fiverr. (Hint: nothing too complex or in need of many revisions) Taking this step saves you time.

Curate a collection of providers before you need them.

Nothing worse than trying to find the right person when you’re in a rush. Think about the categories of work you’ll likely need and browse at your leisure. Read profiles, reviews and heart those providers that sound good to you. Building a trustworthy team gives you confidence.

Be interesting.

Providers are people. You want to offer reasons why the gig will be interesting and easy to attract their interest. Make sure your title is fun and features the word easy.

Be clear.

What is the task? What information does the provider need from you to complete the task well? If you don’t know, the best practice is to go to the profile page and contact the provider with your questions.

Be specific about what you want and don’t want in your project

Provide sizes for buttons or banners you create. Check the spelling and punctuation. The provider isn’t responsible for proof-reading unless that’s the gig you ordered.

Share your expectations so the provider understand what will not be acceptable. For example, you would tell a graphic designer that you expect him or her to use images with commercial use licenses.

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