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Not Getting enough buyers! why is that so?


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-first off theres a lot of seller competition with these wordpress gigs, i recommend finding something unique and run with it. of course, that doesn’t mean delete your current gigs, as you become a higher rated seller you will get more orders.

-i also recommend sprucing up your gig descriptions and use all characters available. include your experience, what you offer, why people should buy from u, etc.

-as a brand new seller, you can work more for less to gain customers, eventually the work will be worth it once you no longer have to offer more than the top rated sellers.

(I started off with 10 gigs and 1 seemed to take off which is where i made most of my money and continued to stick with it. It is an seo content gig, i originally started off writing 600+ words and I now write 200+ words) it was rough to work for so little but now the work available to me is worth it.

-last but not least, contact customer support and request for your gig to be featured. although you need a few orders, positive feedback, and fairly unique for them to consider. but at the least they almost always will bump up your place in search results.

good luck to you!

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