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How Do I PROVE The Gig Was Completed? (Radio Station)


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Im very new here so if this was already answered I sincerely apologize.

I will be offering fiverr gigs soon in the form of advertising on our radio network which consists of 14 different stations.

There will be various gigs depending on which station they would like to advertise on and if they would like a live host read on our talk station or simply a commercial played between songs on the music stations.

The problem that I see is that when ive ordered fiverr gigs there are always flags if you try to give a website url or an email address etc.

If a person orders a gig from me and we intend to play their ad at 3pm EST how could I even tell the customer to listen for their ad to be played. Also if they are purchasing a package that has multiple times per day im just not sure how I prove the gig was done.

The next day i can simply click that its completed but thats not proof without providing them with information that would be specific to me or my company which appears to be against the rules.

Also some gigs will allow for commercials to be left in the archive podcast of a live show. I dont know how to prove that without giving a link to that podcast which I THINK is against the rules.

If they were to go to my website there will likely be other advertising packages there as well which im sure Fiverr does not want.

Lastly when im offering the gig… From what im seeing im not allowed to say the name of the radio station or give the website. So how would the person know what they are buying?

Any advice?


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Guest matt_garry

you could always send them an mp3 of you’re show with time signatures telling them when you played the ad?

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Hey Matt. Thats true however I think most people will want to advertise in the music station and their ads will just play between songs. Is it against the rules for me to give them the url to the website so that they can actually hear it playing? I cant make an mp3 of that.

Also my show is 2 hours long so the file size would be too much to upload. id again have to give them a link.

Im definitely not trying to argue here im just trying to be pro active. For instance if I were to spend money to advertise on a radio station id want to be able to listen to make sure it was played . There is no way for them to listen without me giving them the website and while i dont see this in print… IT SEEMS that this would be against the rules. unless i misunderstand the rules

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I haven’t had any problems giving out urls. Try delivering a text file that says “Proof of Delivery: Here is the link to the archive of the show where your song/ad was played. www…com” or something along those lines. So just in case Fiverr does some how read the file, they’ll know your intentions were good.

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