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Seller Level 1, How long before I get it back again?


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This might have happened to many of you out there. I was awarded seller level 1. However I removed from that level after the fiverr went down ( it wouldn’t send and receive orders properly, I have to ask my customer for revenue over other means since the order was time bounded and I didn’t wanted to lose my permanent customer. )

However I have made prominent sales even after the customer support said it would take 1 month after which we will reconsider your orders again for awarding you level 1.

I haven’t had been promoted as yet. DO you think they will ever promote me or should I just move to another account ?

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So, you lost your Level 1 badge due to violation of TOS (contacting buyer outside Fiverr and subverting the Fiverr revenue process), but you are still surprised that you lost your Level 1 badge?

It doesn’t end there. You are professing your desire to create another sock puppet account (which violates Fiverr TOS) to gain your badge.


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