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Buyer's Request Denied


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I am pondering if this should go under the “Ranting Pot” but since I am not complaining but needing advice, I’ll start here.

I posted two Buyer’s Request and both were denied. I received a generic message stating that it was misleading, etc. The message also said that my account could be restricted if I continue to violate …

I have no idea what I am violating. I am not requesting anything inappropriate, no links, no profanity, anything that maybe considered taboo/dirty.

Perhaps one of you more experienced buyers or sellers can tell me where I went wrong?

Buyer’s Request #1:

I am a buyer looking to get a Christmas theme cartoon. Requirement: Rottweiler Puppy with a Santa hat chewing a bone ==> next to a fireplace.

Buyer’s Request #2:

   I am a buyer looking for someone to write me an engaging book blurb for my Christian Short Story series. Minimum work count on the blurb to be 250 words with max count at 350 words. Once I accept your offer, I will attach the current blurb with additional information as needed or required.
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Same thing happened to me when I was looking to hire someone (as a buyer).
CS suggested I type the word ‘need’ in my request.
After 2 attempts + warnings that my account would be banned, I gave up and didn’t search for a seller nor buy the gig from anyone.
It’s funny, because as a seller, I don’t even check buyers requests anymore because I know it’s just a waste of time–almost everything there is sellers trying to promote themselves.

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