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I'm celebrating 4 YEARS on fiverr with 100% positive feedback!


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I am having a little celebration tonight for my 4 years here with a lot of amazing experiences with wonderful buyers on a great site. I am working on a new blog to chat about my fiverr experience and post some of my thoughts. I will also in the coming weeks begin posting some new youtube videos to showcase some of my gigs.

I just wanted to say that I’m looking ahead to year 5 on fiverr with new gigs and new promotions on social media. Thank you to everyone for making my fiverr experience fun and exciting.

I’ve completed thousands of orders over the years. I admit to being a workaholic, and work 7 days a week this entire time, with just one day of vacation in four years. I’ve only had about 5 late orders during this entire time. As a nightowl, I am awake all night working on my fiverr orders and chatting with clients. I do a lot of follow up messaging with many clients to help
them as much as possible. I have become friends with some clients over the years.

I have a 100% commitment to exceptional service and quality is always what I try for. Not everyone has to work every single day like I do, but I enjoy what I do. You can still take vacations and weekends off and be a success.

These 4 years have gone by quickly. I look forward to many more happy years here.

~Miss Crystal~
fiverr’s first witch


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Well, it’s like they always say, if at first you don’t succeed, superglue yourself to cyberspace and surrender any semblance of a normal sleep pattern.

More seriously, well done. You are one of the most hard working and level headed people I have met on this forum and I admire and respect all your hard work and enthusiasm for what you do. May your success continue and your next 4 years see you realize even more of your professional and personal aspirations.

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