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Doing This 1 Thing Will Help You Be More Successful On Fiverr


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I’ve noticed through selling on fiverr for a while now that doing this one thing can significantly increase your traffic to your gigs, the amount of customers you have and your overall sales

That one thing is experimentation.

Now, of course, there is more to selling than simply experimenting, but let me explain what I mean by this and why I consider it to be crucial.

So you have an idea for a fiverr gig, you start planning it out, go over the different price points and start seeing in your head the hordes of customers fighting to order your gig.

You fill out all the info, upload your video and it’s live!

1 day passes and nothing. That’s okay, you know it may take some time.

Then 1-week passes…

Then 2.

Before long, you have a gig that isn’t getting any traffic and by extension, no sales.

What happened? It was such a great idea! You thought you did everything right.

This can happen for many reasons, and it’s why you need to be experimenting. The first gig I ever posted on fiverr didn’t do well at all. In fact, I think my first 4-5 gigs didn’t yield many results.

But my next gig after that started getting sales.

So what happened? The gig that started getting sales wasn’t radically different from the previous gigs I had posted.

The trick was that by the time I was working on that gig, I had already tried many different combinations of tags, descriptions, intro videos and so on. Through experimenting, I was learning what worked, and what didn’t.

The fact of the matter is that you will post gigs that you think will do well, but won’t… I still do.

This isn’t a sign to give up, this just means you are one step closer to a successful gig.

Keep experimenting and learning. One “failed” gig may teach you the one thing you were missing to make another gig take off.

If you keep experimenting, tweaking, creating new gigs and work on your current gigs, eventually you’ll find what works.

Get creative with it, and don’t be afraid to try an idea.

“Failure doesn’t come from falling down. Failure comes from not getting back up.”

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