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Hi Fiverr Sellers, I hope you all are doing good. I just wanted to share my experience. I created my account and I was not that active in the beginning. And I was not getting any orders. But now I’ve started updating my profile. And I’ve noticed the results.
One must follow the following tips to boost their business as well

1- Keep updated your profile. e.g your personal info. Attach your account to your social media links and complete your profile upto 100%

2- One must post max num of gigs in his/her account. So that there would be max probability to get maximum orders.

3- Remember to add correct tags in the gig. It will help a lot to boost your gig.

4- As fiverr says you must add gig video in order to get more sales. A gig which has a gig video will get 220% more business

5- Must respond to a new buyer within 3-5 minutes. Otherwise Buyers have so many other options. If we will not reply them in time they will go with someone else.

For now these 5 tips. I will keep sharing my experience daily. I know most of the sellers know these things but not every one really know it. Its specially for the new sellers 🙂 Cheers

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Unfortunately, your points are not entirely accurate.

1.) The completeness of your profile will not directly improve your sales. It is certainly a good idea to have accurate, up-to-date information on your Fiverr profile, but doing this will not guarantee more sales.

2.) Also, extremely incorrect. While having more gigs does improve your overall visibility on Fiverr, it does not guarantee an improvement in sales. A better strategy is to focus on only a few gigs – a small handful of gigs for services that you are well skilled at completing. The number of gigs does not help you. The quality and specialization of gigs might.

3.) Yes, tags and keywords will help visibility in the search engines, but again, it will not guarantee you more sales.

4.) Also not true. Many gigs without videos do very well on this site. A video can give your potential buyers more insight into your services, but you do not need a video in order to have a successful gig. Videos work for some types of gigs, while they are pointless for others.

5.) Extremely false. While timing can be a factor, you do not need to respond within 3-5 minutes to make a sale. Buyers are not rushing to find sellers. They usually consider their options before purchasing. Therefore, if someone sends you a message with questions, respond as soon as you are able. If someone sends you a message, they’re usually willing to wait a bit for your response. No one can truly be online and able to conduct sales negotiations 24/7. There is no success requirement for responding to messages.

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Hi Jonbaas, I respect your argument but I’ve written in the first line that it is my experience. Starting from the last point to first point I will argue with you
5- Do you think we will get an order after replying 5 hours? Instead if we reply within 5-10 mins mean very quickly. I’m not asking that you should be online 24/7. One can download fiverr app in your smart phone and get updates from there.
4- Yeah many gigs without videos have a lot of sales. But it is true that the gigs with videos have 220% more chance to get an order. Fiverr says this. And what fiverr says it is 100% true. So no doubt in this point

-3 If the tags are right it would absolutely gain more views impressions and clicks and hence directly proportional to sales.
-2 You’re saying that more gigs does improve your overall visibility on Fiverr. Don’t you think your visibility will directly effect to your sales? Your idea about focusing on a few gigs is also good. But what if you add more and more gigs and keeping them update weekly. I don’t think so it would take more than 1 or 2 hours after a week to update them. It will bring you more business.
-1 Yeah completeness will not directly improve your sales but if you would have a complete profile it will have a good impact on buyer’s mind. And hence there are more chances to get an order.

One more thing I haven’t used guarantee word in my whole post. And my points are valid. So please give some good reasons to prove me wrong 🙂

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Okay… I’ll play. I’m a veteran Fiverr seller. I’ve been working on this site a lot longer than you have. I’ve even been a forum moderator. I think my advice carries some weight.

5.) I sometimes have to answer messages a few hours after I receive them. I have a life, you know. I answer as soon as I can, but I don’t rush to be available right away. And I don’t use the Fiverr app. Answering messages 30 minutes… an hour… even two hours later has not hurt my sales. It is false information for anyone to claim that you have to answer in the first 5-10 minutes after receiving a message, or you lose a sale. That just isn’t true.

4.) Actually, it is not true, nor a guarantee, that gigs with videos have a 220% more chance of getting orders. I know plenty of sellers who have gig videos, and don’t make any sales. Just because Fiverr encourages video gigs, does not guarantee that everyone will magically start making “a lot of sales.” Again, this is just a number. It is not a guaranteed promise of sales success.

3.) There is no such thing as impressions and clicks being directly proportional to sales. There is no proportion. Everyone’s success is different here on Fiverr. Tags do not guarantee sales any more than views, impressions or clicks. Every buyer is different. Not everyone who sees your gig is looking for it.

2.) I guarantee that many gigs does not improve your sales. I know quite a few top-level sellers who are extremely successful with only one or two hyper-targeted gigs. Quantity is in no way better than quality. Pick a few gigs that offer services that you are better than your competition at, and make those work. Never, ever waste your time filling up you profile with as many gigs as possible, just to have many non-targeted gigs (that most people will never see). Market a FEW good gigs, and build a reputation doing the few tasks that you are very good at.

1.) Your Fiverr profile is not your selling point. It is merely a place to tell people a little about yourself. If you want to impress your potential buyers, do it on your gigs. THAT is where you drive sales.

Yes, your opinions are valid for discussion. But I can assure you, the points you have shared are not top-level advice. Your experience is your own. Don’t assume that your experience is how things work for everyone else. You still have a lot to learn. 🙂

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