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Proper Attachments for my Gig


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Hello, Welcome!

  1. You don’t sell your gigs. Your gigs will appear in search results when any buyer searches for that. For eg, if you search for Swahili to English, probably your gig will appear in the search results and the buyer can buy it from there.

  2. You need to promote your gig. Share your gigs on Social media and blogs to get the exposure.

  3. Get a nice gig image. Even if your gig is visible in search results, a possible client will choose someone else, just because someone else has a nice looking gig image.

Hope these tips helps you.

Have a great Fiverr experience.

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theyellowcrow has said it all. I wish you success in finding orders. And your objective should be, “strive as much as possible to please your buyers”. As a new person here myself, I reckon that to be the main route to building a sustainable business relationship here.

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