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Second step of success ``!


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This is my first post here.I think achieving level 2 badge is easy because I have achieved it 15 minutes earlier 😃

I started working on Fiverr 4 months ago and had some pretty decent clients who ordered me regularly.I don’t know why but I am really serious about each and every thing happen here.So when I got my Level 1 Badge I was so happy and then I realize that achieving Level 2 badge will not be easy but trust me If you have some decent clients and give your best shot in each and every GIG then you also achieve Level what I got about 15 minutes ago but making regular client is not easy.So what I did I always give them some more what I offer.So they always stick with me.If you see my GIG you will understand.

So achieving Level 2 badge is a second step of success and I am really happy to be a part of this family.

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